Academic scholarship


1Quantity: 04 including 02 scholarships -50%, 02 scholarships -25% of all tuition fee in 02 years

2. Candidate: Student’s graduated during 02 nearest  years, major: Informatics/ Information technology apply for 1st year(M1)

3. Conditions: must qualify following conditions:

– Academy result of the whole course of University from 7.5

– Foreign language certificate’s B2 according to CEFR

4. Condition to maintain scholarship for 2nd year (M2)

-1st-year academy result (M1) from 14/20, every subject must be from 10/20


1.  Scholarship valuation: 20% tuition fee for the whole course in 02 years

2.   Candidate: Lecture at University, College in the whole country apply for 1st year (M1)

3.  Condition:

– Lecture at University, College

– Foreign language certificate’s B2 following CEFR

4.  Condition to maintain scholarship for 2nd year (M2)

– 1st-year academy record (M1) from 12/20, every subject must be from 10/20


1.  Candidate: Student has 1st-year academy record (M1) in top 10% of the class

2.  Scholarship valuation: 25-75% of tuition fee of  2nd year

3.  Conditions:

– 1st-year academy record (M1) in top 10% of the class

– 1st-year academy record (M1) from 14/20

– Every subject result must be from 10/20

– Study continuously at PUF-HCM


Moreover, student learning at PUF-HCM is also granted other kinds of scholarship as below:

1.  Enterprise scholarship (Alternance Project):

– Candidate: all of the learners of Master Informatics program at PUF-HCM wish to participate both working and studying project of Enterprise.

– Valuation: 100% tuition fee

– Sponsor:  IT Companies

– Condition: pass business’s interview and the company agrees to grant scholarship

2.  Internship scholarship In France:

– Candidate: Student has good academy result or has research orientation is suitable for the topic of Professors or Enterprises in France;

– Valuation: about 500-600€/ month, internship 06 months in France;

– Sponsor: from project or enterprise in France

– Condition: top 3 of class, and leading professors at PUF-HCM interview

This scholarship opportunity can vary following reality situation.