Pole Universitaire Fran├žais – Ho Chi Minh Ville (PUF-HCM) is one of the public training units belonging to Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City. It was established in July 20, 2006 based on the agreements signed between the governments of Vietnam and France. The training programs implemented in PUF-HCM are high-quality programs, which are designed according to the international standards and by the high-reputation universities of France to undertake teaching, quality-control and licensing.

Nowadays, PUF-HCM is cooperating with French universities which are famous in Europe and worldwide for their prestige and tradition of training high-quality human ressources. Participating in the formal training program of European education model, PUF-HCM’s students only take three years to complete bachelor’s degree and two years for master’s degree. By joining the PUF-HCM, students have the opportunity to study in an internatinoal environment, under the lecturing of world-class professors from France.